10 Months on Deputation!!

I can’t believe how fast time flies.  What an amazing journey this has been so far.  We have met some amazing people along the way and God has blessed us beyond words.  I am so excited that God has called me to share His Word with those in need.  These summer months we have been relaxing and taking some needed R&R.  God has allowed us to spend some quality time with family.


My family on my dad’s side along with Esteban’s parents that came to visit from Uruguay.

Last week we had the opportunity to finish our last week of Candidate School.  We were receiving training on how to prepare to leave for the field.  We had an amazing time reconnecting with other missionaries.


The deputation Ladies at Candidate School 2013

The last week in August begins a journey that will take us through Christmas.  We will be going back to California, then to the east coast.  Please pray for traveling mercies and that God would use us to encourage others and show His love.

I Love being a Missionary and traveling around seeing what God is doing in other churches and in other peoples lives.  I can’t wait until God is ready for us to get to Uruguay.  Pray that it would be soon.  We know how lost the people of Uruguay are and we are ready to get there and share God’s Word.


About Emily

I am a wife to Esteban Alvarez and mother to my 3 boys, Felipe, Xavier and Nicolas. My family is going to be missionaries to Uruguay, South America
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